Based in the Colorado Springs area, I am available for short and long-term, remote contract engagements in software development project management and business analysis. (Also available for domestic and international travel on a project-by-project basis.)

My ideal clients are companies that value diversity and inclusion who are solving wicked problems in healthcare, education, and social impact/justice, and/or where new and emerging technologies are involved. POCs and MVPs (and greenfield development, in general) are my favorite kinds of projects and where I shine most brightly.

For the last year I’ve been managing a large software project with a globally distributed team and a seven-figure budget (we just completed a successful launch across 40 plant sites around North America with ~1000 users described as the smoothest rollout of an application the client company has seen).

I have several years of cross-industry and cross-functional experience working with remote and co-located developer teams. I am a Certified Scrum Professional, Certified Scrum Master, and Certified Scrum Product Owner. (And while I’ve invested significant time and energy into studying and applying Scrum, I’m not dogmatic about it. I see Scrum as one of many tools/approaches in the toolbox.)

Beyond the certifications and work stuff, I’m a mom, lover of the outdoors, yoga student, artist, volunteer, and perpetual sharer of information and ideas.

Where I can help:

• Bringing order to chaotic work streams where responsibilities aren’t clear

• Managing problematic relationships with partners/vendors where there’s a lack of transparency/accountability

• Setting teams up for success on new development efforts

• Defining and refining requirements for complex solutions

• Writing user stories in language meaningful to business and technical stakeholders

• Prioritizing features based on value

• Distilling information down to its most essential bits

• Establishing solid Scrum ceremonies/habits and self-managing team behaviors

• Generating ideas and putting them through the wringer

• Lean Canvas discussions

• Ecosystem research and synthesis

• Workshop planning and facilitation

Email to start the conversation.